Weather Alerts

Set alerts according to specific weather conditions for FREE.

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Designed for personal, enterprise or government daily use

Designed for personal, enterprise or government daily use

Emergency services

Get ready in case natural disasters occur


Some products depend heavily on weather. Buy or sell cleverly

Make better use of natural resources

Light and water, among other natural resources, can be used more efficiently

Your clothing

Decide what you are going to wear in advance based on the weather

Your Trips

You don't want bad weather to ruin your vacations

Your time to wake up

You can also use alerts to get off your bed, don't you?

Will it rain?

You never know if it's a good idea to wash your car or water your plants

Stay fit

What kind of excersice should I do? (Maybe running is better when it's not raining)

Extreme weather

Alerts for extreme weather conditions!

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

1.- Create your account

2.- Create alerts by choosing from parameters of different conditons:







Wind speed

Extreme conditions

3.- Receive an alert on advance by e-mail, SMS (coming soon) or push notifications in your phone (coming soon)




For a limited time, you can set up to 5 different alerts for free!
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If you need to set more than 5 alerts or use different weather data, please contact us.

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